Daniel Trump is in crisis now

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The American government now rises to black skinned people and implements racism, and this is what happened since Trump's arrival in America and now in the United States of America, theft of Apple's iPhone and iPad companies, Nike, Adidas, and the largest American companies, and a violent attack on all government terms in America, and we do not know what will happen

New York, USA (CNN) US President Donald Trump and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a phone call on Friday, a source familiar with the call told CNN on Sunday. In a public post on Facebook on Friday, Zuckerberg explained why Facebook had not taken any actions towards Trump's posts on Facebook and Instagram, in which he threatened that "looting" in Minneapolis would cause "shootings", with the escalation of protests following the death of the black American citizen George Floyd, who appeared in a video struggling to catch his breath while a white police officer pressed his knee above his neck. Zuckerberg said in his post that he was having "difficulty responding to the president's tweets and posts throughout the day", adding: "I personally have a deep negative reaction to this kind of mistake."

Zuckerberg also added in his post that "unlike Twitter, we don't have a policy to put warnings in front of posts that may incite violence, because we believe that if a post incites violence, it should be removed regardless of whether it is worthy of the post, even if it was written by someone Politicians. We contacted the White House today to explain these policies as well. " Zuckerberg testified before the US Congress in October that "if anyone, including some politician, says things that could call for violence or cause bodily harm ... we will remove this content." On Thursday, Trump posted a tweet endorsing Zuckerberg after the Facebook CEO appeared in an interview on Fox News criticizing Twitter's decision to check the president's tweets about mailing polls in California.

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