اجابة الفترة الثانية من 12 الي 3

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اجابة امتحان الفترة الثانية 

1- recommend
2- toxic
3- agriculture
4- regularly
5- take
6- pass
7- denied
8- with
9- had been
10- willbe working
11- grown
12- was leaving
13- at
14- wasting
15- not to play
17-pusy bees
19-the same
20-bees are active creatures21- as it apart of its abdomen and digestive track
it_ cant pull the barbed stinger back out
The dancing bee starts running in a straight line, and she does, shaking her body to attract the attention of the other bees. After traveling a long distance, I ran to the left and ran to run again. But this time it turns right at the end,
It's full of detail, and the details are not only meaningful but also vital for survival. It shows them the direction they must take off and the distance they must travel to reach the flowers that depend on them. The world of bees is really incredible! There are many morals that can be learned from them, such as cooperation, self-denial, and perseverance
24- Bees communicate with each other through dancing while human beings communicate with each other through talking or sign language
25 - الضحك هو أفضل دواء. أثبت الباحثون أن الضحك له فوائد كثيرة. يخفف الألم ، ويساعد الجهاز المناعي ، ويقلل من التوتر ، وينشط الهرمونات ويجعلنا نشعر بالسعادة
Efforts made to improve the standard of living can only bear fruit with the cooperation of individuals with the government. Therefore, a good citizen is the one who performs his duties and takes his rights.
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